Landscape of our Lives

Surrounded by sunflowers in a Southampton sunbeam and sharing a lively luncheon with treasured friends, I was struck by how our environments dramatically impact our spirit and state of mind.

A recent trip to Greece’s Mani Peninsula, a magical destination I’ve longed to visit for 23 years, prompted contemplation of the importance of serenity in our settings.  There are places that soothe and inspire us and this was such a place.  The wild beauty of Mani’s mountains, dotted with sun-drenched ancient family fortresses overlooking the cerulean sea in the distance, deeply nourished my soul.  I was nestled in a mid 16th century tower, exquisitely enlivened and gracefully attuned to its timeless terrain by auberge owner Tania Sepsas, my delightful host who welcomes guests with husband Ilias and son Panagiotis.

Mind, body, and soul were refreshed one afternoon by Tania’s Orange Salad--a culinary celebration of sweet simplicity.  Savoring each juicy slice while warmed by a gentle gulf breeze, I noted that although in daily life tranquillity not easily realized, being mindful of what comforts us and enveloping ourselves in colors, textures, and materials that effect a place of peace- integrating elements that engage and stimulate our senses–we can create the quintessential refuge, a harmonious home in tune with the landscape of our lives.